Love N Success Red Carpet Premiere

Love N Success Red Carpet Premiere

Love N Success Red Carpet Premiere

Chris Bitten Project

Love N Success Red Carpet Premiere

Baz Brothers Production has offices based in Atlanta and New York. Created by Jeff and Kindrick Bazile in 2003. Baz Brothers Production started with an objective to write, direct, and produce quality films. As we continuously strive to bring the best and most creative stories to our audience, we like to let our work speak for itself!

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The Strength of Love_Stage Play


April 18, 2015           2PM  &  7 PM

The Griffin Auditorium

234 East Taylor Street, Griffin, GA 30224


Strength Of Love stage_play WIGO AM 1570 Commercial from Jeff Bazile on Vimeo.

Sean Pryme Interview SOL cast from Jeff Bazile on Vimeo.

Love 860 Strength Of Love interview from Jeff Bazile on Vimeo.

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