Love N Success Red Carpet Premiere

Love N Success Red Carpet Premiere

Love N Success Red Carpet Premiere

Chris Bitten Project

Love N Success Red Carpet Premiere

Baz Brothers Production has offices based in Atlanta and New York. Created by Jeff and Kindrick Bazile in 2003. Baz Brothers Production started with an objective to write, direct, and produce quality films. As we continuously strive to bring the best and most creative stories to our audience, we like to let our work speak for itself!

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Baz Brothers Production is seeking interns.  

We are currently seeking a host for celebrity interviews, red carpet premieres and promotional events.  Must have reliable transportation, on camera presence and professional work ethic. Internship is not paid.  Send a resume, photo and creative 30 second video of interest to

intern position


Upcoming Projects


Strength of Love Tour

SYNOPSIS: Antonio and Melody have been married for five years. The first years were wedding bliss, but as they settle into a new stage of marriage, each has their own struggle. Melody is currently questioning Antonio’s love; while Antonio learns his wife cannot provide his lifelong desire. So now they are faced with the dilemma of “Should I stay or should I go?” Will the “Strength Of Love” conquer all?


WHW TV Series

SYNOPSIS: What if everything you feared as a man who’s now a millionaire, actually exist? The fear you can’t find love after achieving success. You find yourself asking the questions, does she really love me or does she love my money? Unfortunately, it is all-true.  W.H.W, is an original drama series that takes us into the world of a women’s secret society group: W.H.W (Woman Helping Woman).  These women are well organized and have developed a scheme to attract wealthy men and take their hard earned money.  The show will follow the life of 5 individual women as they secretly lies, cheat,  deceive, and do what ever it takes to get wealthy men.  The show will cover issues such as Trust, Lust, Deception, Cover-ups, Marriage, Friendships, Domestic violence and others. This series will answer the question; can  one truly find love after success?  The show will also present the opportunity for athletes and famous individuals to  make special appearances.


Holiday Blues

SYNOPSIS: The Williams family has spent numerous years apart due to bitterness and broken relationships. Martha, the oldest of four sibling is tired of the holiday blues so she decides to bring the family together for Christmas. The Williams family must now go face to face with the ones that hurt them the most. Will Christmas force them to amend their broken heart and be jolly? Or will they allow the bitterness of their past continue the cycle of Holiday blues.



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