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“Holiday Blues”

Bitterness from broken relationships is all this family knows, but this Christmas each family member must come face to face with the person that hurt them the most after the oldest sibling of four tricks the family in coming together. They will each have to decide whether to be Jolly or continue their “Holiday Blues”.



Darrel and Maurice, best friends for life is the pact they made as children. As they grow older and the lines begin to blur, Darrel and Maurice must reassess themselves and determine the boundaries for themselves and their friendship. After a predominate job opportunity is stolen, will the boundaries crossed on a trip to Myrtle Beach hurt so deep it destroys their friendship?



Four dissimilar families lives are unknowingly intertwined in a journey for justice and truth, when a familiar evil looms over a small town in Louisiana.


“The Strength of Love_Movie”

A young black couple, married for five years, is learning how to honor their wedding vows and love one another in each other’s primary love language. While the husband’s friend’s marriage is falling apart, his wife reveals a secret that jeopardizes the one thing he wants most. Consequently,  he has to weigh his options and decide whether or not he wants to remain in the marriage.




“Woman Helping Woman: WHW”

A successful, kind-hearted, married woman (Keisha) struggles to keep her household intact while working for a secret society that trains females how to manipulate wealthy men in order to take their hard-earned money. The secrets, lies, and deception behind how she gained her happily ever after could destroy her marriage and cause her to lose all that she has worked so hard for.



In this action drama series, a fatherless young cop is aggressively trying to clean up the street from drug dealers, but sometimes he has emotionally clouded judgment due to his uncle’s death and dying mother’s drug addiction. He is sent undercover to infiltrate his decease uncle’s best friend who is now the most talk about kingpin of the street.  Unknown to him or the kingpin, a secret only known by his mother, the man he is chasing is his father.

Secrets  and the  truth will be unveiled, friends will become foes and enemies will become family. But in the end which side will Mike choose?


“Alpha Company”

Alpha Company is a half hour comedy that allow civilians to enter the world of the military. It follows the life of two straight out of high school young man (Leon Alston and Deondre Jones) as they transition to become US Army soldiers. The show will allow you to see the good, the bad and the ugly of what it takes to adapt to a new culture.



An attractive biracial girl, skilled in martial arts, with the help of family and friends, must learn how to effectively use the powers gifted her during an eclipse. However, her fight to conquer real life issues comes with the price of harm, possibly death, to an unknown and unsuspecting individual.


Previous Projects


“Making Moves”

Making Moves Poster test 3Starring: Sean Baker, Laketa Booker. Featuring: Chandra Currelley.

TAG LINE: Making Moves that risks everything over comfort and stability.

SYNOPSIS: Que, a military veteran, was raised in the mean streets of New York. He has a job that provides him with financial security and is in a loving relationship with Angela, his girlfriend of 3 years. It appears the couple is headed for marital bliss until Que announces that he has decided to give up everything and follow his dreams. Unable to see the vision, Angela gives him an ultimatum that severs their beautiful union. So with his belongings in tow, Que leaves his girl, a lucrative career, his family and friends and moves to another state to pursue his dream. Que quickly finds out that following his dreams isn’t easy and the outcome isn’t immediate. After several failed attempts, Que is approached by an old friend with an opportunity that has the potential to turn his life around. Can Que stay strong in pursuit of his dream or has this new opportunity caused too much of a risk and deferred his dreams for good?


“Making Moves Original Soundtrack”


Baz Brothers Production has released the Making Moves Soundtrack. A double disc album that encompass r&b and Jazz on the A Love Story side and Hip Hop and Rap on the B-Street side.






“Love N Success”

love-movie-poster-2-1 Starring: Angie Stone, Rico Ball, Danny Vinson, Nicky Buggs, Dwayne Cottle & LaDarian Raymond

SYNOPSIS: Deion, a well known and highly paid actor, left his first love to pursue his dream career, but now success isn’t enough. Deion is ready for true love. Finding success has brought pain, deceit, lack of trust, and loneliness. Deion returns to his hometown of Atlanta, GA to shoot his next movie. While home, Deion reunites with childhood friends, who have also become successful, his parents, his first love, and a sick nine-year-old girl whose one wish is to meet him.  Can Deion find love and have success?




“Love N Success Original Soundtrack”

LnS front cover3 Baz Brothers has release the Love N Success Soundtrack.  It is a compilation of various artists bringing you the best of Hip-Hop, R&B Soul, and Rap. It features: “Love N Success” by Noel Gourdin,  whose hit song “The River” was featured on the soundtrack to the film “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins”; “All I Want is You” and “Do It Again” by Robinson (Navajo & Ljar).  Former members of Profyle who has hits like “Liar” and “Damn”; “Sad Song” by Robyn L. Charles, daughter of legendary Ray Charles; Additional hits by Chimere Scott, Zell Star, General Hear, Carlos Vegas, Antonio Cunningham, and Joanna Scott.  These songs are relevant to the movie and focuses on relation ship issues.




“The Strength of Love”

Flyer1_sol-2 SYNOPSIS: Antonio and Melody have been married for five years. The first years were wedding bliss, but as they settle into a new stage of marriage, each has their own struggle.  Melody is currently questioning Antonio’s love; while Antonio learns his wife cannot provide his lifelong desire.  So now they are faced with the dilemma of “Should I stay or should I go?”  Will the “Strength Of Love” conquer all?

TESTIMONIALS You blessed and was blessed. You don’t even know what your obedience has set up for you. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this production. It was great being around some of God’s most talented people. ~ Chandra Currelley   Just a S/O to Baz Brothers production, and it’s cast of actors THE STRENGTH OF LOVE PLAY,was everything I imagine it to be, I was truly blessed last night, the 1st. Lady and I sat there thinking of all the changes we have been through, we looked @ each other and said I guess we are in the wisdom stage. Lol. Much luv to my son & daughter Jeff & Maria Bazile keep your vision alive. Praying for you. ~ Dr. H. L. Morgan   The ‪#‎StrengthOfLove‬ was absolutely outstanding. A phenomenal cast who brought a universal story of love & marriage to life. So glad we made our way from Cleveland, OH to witness this event! Extremely proud of the Baz Brothers Productions and all parties involved. Each and every member of the cast did a terrific job, and I would gladly come out and see it all over again. Can’t wait until it tours, because a tour HAS to be inevitable. ~ Urban Grandstand Digital Magazine   We want to thank Baz Brothers Production for your professionalism and giving our artist Chandra Currelley a great creative environment  in “The Strength Of Love”.  We look forward to working with you again!  May God continue to bless & keep you.  Grace & Peace. Thank You! ~Young Enterprises Media & Entertainment    Great play Jeff. I was really impressed. Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of something special, positive and with a great message. I look forward to doing more work with you in the near future. God Bless you and the Bazile family! ~ Christopher Bell Sr.


“Only God Can Judge Me_Web Series”


 SYNOPSIS: Only God can Judge Me web series is a short film about peoples out takes on life. Churchgoers and non-church goers have their own perception on each other. Is everybody as righteous as they present their self to be? Witness how it all unfold.






 “Broken and Bitter_Stage Play”

brokenbitter_poster2SYNOPSIS: An individual that has been broken will remain bitter until they allow God to heal them. Broken and Bitter the stage play takes you into the live of four siblings who each deal with bitterness in different ways. Come and see how each of them faces their past and how it affects their future.   .






“No Limits_Stage Play” 

NoLimts4x6 SYNOPSIS: When God is silent in our lives we seek our Pastors for help and understanding. But what happens when a Pastor feels that God is silent? Who does he run to? No Limits the stage play takes you into the life of a Pastor and his family as they face uncertainty and betrayal. . B.