Our Mission is to Give, Educate, & Mentor       

BBP GEM, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on Giving to  the community, Educating and Mentoring youth in the art of film, television, stage, and music production through internships.


GEM is defined as a precious stone especially when polished or cut. By mentoring our youth, we aim to polish the GEM within. Our efforts to fulfil our mission can’t effectively take place unless we acquire the funds needed to assist our organization in this endeavor. As a small nonprofit organization, we depend on sponsors and donations from partners like you. Donate now by clicking the yellow donate button to the right of your screen.



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Join us annually for our Community Christmas Giveaway. We bring communities together to enjoy Christmas decorations, live entertainment, and free food while providing toys for children in need.


Interns: BBP GEM accepts applications from high school and college students/graduates, who have an interest in film, television, stage or music production, from educators, community leaders, business owners and parents. The nominee must submit a 60 second video introducing themself personally and professionally and expressing why they would like to intern with BBP GEM. Members of the board will review the application and select interns on a case by case basis.


Program Details: BBP GEM Internship Program offers high school, undergraduate and graduate students, the opportunity to work under the mentorship of a professional in the industry. Through a combination of learning experiences, work projects, and group collaborations, interns become integral members of our team. Interns are expected to participate in daily activities, produce excellent work, and are welcomed to contribute their skills and ideas, all the while preparing to become the next generation of leaders.


Mentorship Discussions: Day-to-day participation in the organization is augmented by special sessions in which industry professionals share the inside view of their work and experiences in the industry. The open discussion format allows participants to learn directly from leaders, ask challenging questions, and address critical issues. The discussions are structured to provide a functional overview into the opportunities available should they continue their course in the Arts.


Evaluation Process: Ongoing communication and evaluation is encouraged as a part of every experience. Participants and supervisors also take a step back at key points during the term to assess time lines and measure progress. Intern coordinators are available throughout the term to address unexpected challenges, help bridge communication, or get over roadblocks. Exit interviews and final evaluations help us understand how we can best nurture future interns and to improve our program.


Academic Support: All interns will receive certificates of participation, a reference letter from their intern coordinator and credits that can be used in their continued academic learning of the Arts.






Only God Can Judge Me (web series)

Choices Within Me (stage play)

Broken & Bitter (stageplay: Toured GA, SC, AL)

No Limits (stage play)

Love N Success (feature film: streamed on amazon, xfinity, UMC)

Strength of Love (stage play)

Making Moves (feature film: streamed on amazon, xfinity, UMC)

Antithetic (Sizzle Reel)

CLIPSE (Sizzle Reel)



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