About Us

Baz Brothers Production

Baz Brothers Production (BBP) is an Atlanta/New York base film company. BBP was created by Jeff and Kindrick Bazile in 2003. Our main objective is to write, direct, and produce quality films. We continuously work hard to bring the best and most creative stories to our audience.

BBP enjoys working with new and veterans actors, giving everyone an equal opportunity.

We let our work speak for itself.


Jeff E. Bazile
Last 12 Months - 112
Jeff has a Master’s of Business Administration with dual concentration. Jeff has over 10 years experience and education in film production, screenplay write, acting, and directing. He was introduced to the film industry in an early age. At the age of 16 he started building a love for acting after doing a school project on Sydney Portiere. From there he got involved in school plays and theatre but shortly after graduating Westbury High (NY) he took a break to serve in the US Army. Following an honorable tour of duty, he went back to New York to pursue acting. Not only was he in college for film and video production, he was also taking acting classes with HB Studios in Manhattan, NY and with numerous directors. While going through film classes in college, He began building a love for writing and directing. He then started to get roles in countless of independent films that led to numerous calls back from big budget films. However, the big budget films gave their roles to known names with no training so he decided to start his own film com-pany. His brother (Kindrick Bazile), whom has always believed in him, decided to jump aboard and learn the business to further assist. In 2003 he moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue the future of film and entertainment. Jeff has written dramatic, romance, comedy, and action scripts which include; Love and Success, Making Moves, Only God Can Judge Me, Boundaries, Broken and Bitter-the stage play, Choices, and No Limits. He has also Directed, Co-Direct, and produced these following films: Only God Can Judge Me (Official selection, Kingdom wood film festival) Consequences, Eyes on the young, Suicide, & Lost soul.


Maria Bazile
Writer/Producer/Production Manager
Maria has a Masters degree in Leadership; training and experience in theater, modeling, acting, & make-up; and a niche for public relations, advertising, & event planning.

Maria started acting in high school and continued through college while obtaining an Associate degree in Theater. She stayed with her love of theater by writing, producing, and directing numerous plays in the community. Some of the plays she is best known for are “Broken and Bitter”, “No Limits”, “Choices Within Me”, & “Looking 4 Luv in All the Wrong Places”. 

Maria started working with BBP in 2008 producing, co-directing, managing short and featured films (including Only God Can Judge Me -Official selection, Kingdom wood film festival and Love N Success), coordinating premiers, assisting in make-up and costume on set, casting, advertising, and managing the overall business. Maria is proud of BBPs accomplishments and looks forward to continued success with the company.


Kindrick Bazile 

Kindrick is co-founder of BBP. He has training and experience in customer relations, pre/post production, and sales. He is an important part of the company, by working beside Jeff in keeping the company relevant in New York when filming in Atlanta and other states. Kendrick indulges his love for the business by keeping active in every aspect needed.